Here’s the Latest on How to Cure Periodontal Disease

Healthy teeth and gums come from a lifetime of healthy habits, good genetics, and, some believe…pure luck.  But whatever the cause of your gum disease, you can bet that once you get it your main concern will be how to cure periodontal disease rather than asking why did I get it?

That’s because gum disease, known as Periodontitis in the medical world, is a terrible thing to have.  It brings with it symptoms that are unpleasant at best and side effects that are downright life-changing at worst.  Take a look at how they’re described in the New York Times health guide.

Signs of Periodontal Disease

  • your gums are swollen
  • your gums are red
  • your gums will bleed, even when all you’re doing is gentle brushing
  • you have bad breath (although many things can cause bad breath)
  • your teeth get loose because your gums have receded
  • your bite feels different (because of the loose teeth)
  • you get abscesses, which are infected pockets of food particles and white blood cells in your gums

One major issue with gum disease is that since there’s often no pain involved, people don’t even know they have it.  Even after they’ve been diagnosed, they may not do much about it because they still don’t have any pain.  This is dangerous, since it allows (more…)