Receding Gums Don’t Just Happen in Old Age. Here’s Why…

Learn why you should pay attention to your gums now, and what to do if you already have receding gums.

How-to-fix-receding-gumsDid you know that receding gums can happen while you’re still in your twenties?  Even your teens?  That’s right: gingival recession, as it’s called in medical circles and by your dentist, isn’t something that just happens in your later years.  It may be more common in the elderly, but that doesn’t mean the condition didn’t start when those elderly suffering from it were in their teens.

In fact, ageing isn’t really the cause here- gums recession are triggered by many different phenomena.  It’s just that it’s a long, drawn-out process that can take decades to get noticed in some cases.

Here, you’ll learn what causes your gums to recede, how to spot the condition in yourself, what you can do about it, and whether it’s possible to reverse receding gums.  The important thing to remember is that (more…)