Receding Gums Don’t Just Happen in Old Age. Here’s Why…

Learn why you should pay attention to your gums now, and what to do if you already have receding gums.

How-to-fix-receding-gumsDid you know that receding gums can happen while you’re still in your twenties?  Even your teens?  That’s right: gingival recession, as it’s called in medical circles and by your dentist, isn’t something that just happens in your later years.  It may be more common in the elderly, but that doesn’t mean the condition didn’t start when those elderly suffering from it were in their teens.

In fact, ageing isn’t really the cause here- gums recession are triggered by many different phenomena.  It’s just that it’s a long, drawn-out process that can take decades to get noticed in some cases.

Here, you’ll learn what causes your gums to recede, how to spot the condition in yourself, what you can do about it, and whether it’s possible to reverse receding gums.  The important thing to remember is that awareness is crucial in the fight against it, and that the sooner you understand this condition, the less likely you’ll be to suffer serious bouts of receding gums.  The second most important thing you’ll learn is that there is  and effective & natural receding gums treatment.  We’ll show you what that is in just a bit.

But first, what causes receding gums?

5 Ways People Get Receding Gums

If you want to know how to fix receding gums, you first have to know what causes them.  Here are the top five ways people come down with this condition.

  1. mouthguard-for-receding-gumsTeeth grinding.  When you grind your teeth (or clench them very hard), you’re putting force on them that they’re not meant to withstand.  Over time, this will cause your gums to recede.  If this describes you, then how to stop receding gums will be simple: buy a mouthguard for nighttime and try to determine the cause of your teeth grinding.  It can be stress or lifting heavy weights, among other things.
  2. Periodontal disease.  According to WebMD, this is the number one listed cause.  Periodontal disease is basically an infection of your gums.  Left untreated, this will cause your gum tissue to become destroyed, and eventually even the bone supporting your teeth will get destroyed, too.  If you haven’t seen your dentist lately, make an appointment and ask him or her about treatment for receding gums. Learn more about periodontal disease on this post
  3. Bad oral hygiene.  Sometimes neglecting to brush and floss leads to periodontal disease, and sometimes it leads to gum recession or both.  If you aren’t brushing and flossing often enough, plaque will build up.  If plaque sits too long on your teeth, it turns into something more serious: tartar.  Tartar is hard, like bone, and can build up between your teeth and on them.  Once plaque has turned into tartar, the only way to get rid of it is to see a dentist.  Try and get plaque before it turns into tartar…this is one way to solve the problem of how to stop gum recession.
  4. Wrong Brushing teeth techniqueBrushing your teeth too hard.  Some people simply brush too hard, essentially “killing” their gum tissue!  It’s like you’re eroding your gums away if you saw back and forth with a hard bristle toothbrush- scary stuff!  Use a soft toothbrush, go in circular motions, or use an electric toothbrush.  How to treat receding gums in this situation?  Very gently!
  5. You’re just unlucky in the genetics department.  Some of us inherit balding, large thighs, or nearsightedness.  Other inherit gum recession.  According to WebMD, around 30% of the population may be prone to gum disease (causing gum recession) even though they take great care of their teeth and gums.  If this describes you, then you’ll want to pay careful attention in our next section, which describes how to stop gums from receding.

How to Prevent Receding Gums

If you’re reading this, then chances are you’ve already noticed a problem with your gums.  Of course you want to prevent further damage and you’ll want to get treatment, which is what you’ll learn in the following section after this one.

But let’s go back a few steps: how to prevent receding gums in the first place.  Aside from the cause-specific tips you just read about in the previous section, here are few more ways to prevent your gums from pulling back:

  • quit smoking
  • eat lots of veggies
  • keep an eye on your oral health and have regular dental cleaning

Now, on to a question most people are dying to have answered: Can you reverse receding gums?  Gums are tissue, and tissue can be regenerated so sure, you can reverse it if you have merely a mild case.  Taking  a multivitamin (or just Vitamins C, D, and B9) will help with that as will keeping healthy in general.  Massaging your gums with your finger can also stimulate them to grow.

In severe cases, an oral surgeon can create skin grafts to add to your gum tissue.

Natural Home Remedies for Receding Gums

Here’s where you can find out about home remedies for it, as well as a recommended treatment for  that you can administer at home.

You’ll see a lot of people recommending oil pulling as a natural cure for gum recession.  However, there is no evidence that oil pulling (swishing with sesame oil for 20 minutes per day) has any effect on oral health.

Dental-Pro-7-BottleInstead of following internet trends, it’s important to  use common sense when treating this condition.  For most people, the main cause of receding gums is periodontal disease.  The number one treatment for this is Dental Pro 7 by Call Nature, it is a concentrated liquid that fights and kills the bacteria that cause your gums to recede.

DentalPro7 is all natural and does not require a prescription.  It’s safe, effective, and full of healthy, natural 100% pure ingredients like Immortelle, a wild Mediterranean plant, and Manuka, from the East Cape region of New Zealand.  Both Immortelle and Manuka are extremely potent antimicrobial agents that go to work killing the bacteria that exists below your gum line.  There’s also Pemegranate seeds, which have been shown to have a regenerative effect on soft tissue…that’s your gums!  These seeds also fight plaque and kill microorganisms.

So, don’t waste your time with urban myths like “oil pulling”, when you’ve got total access to a 100% pure, all natural home remedy like DentalPro7.  Your gums will thank you!



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