What Works Best for Bad Breath?

Searching for the best mouthwash for bad breath

best mouthwash for bad breathShop the shelves at your corner drug store and it’s likely you’ll find row after row of products designed to help people with bad breath.  They all make claims about what they’ll do for you, some believable and some not so plausible (“reduces plaque above the gum line!” or ” best toothpaste for bad breath “, or “prevents gum disease!”).

Some even say they do things like whiten your teeth.  Finally there are mouthwash products
that come in some questionable flavors…like bacon!

Do mouthwashes really work?

Crazy mouthwash claims and strange flavors aside, do mouthwashes really work?  Or are we all simply falling for a big joke played by savvy marketing departments out to cash in on our health and cleanliness obsessions?

what-is-causing-my-bad-breathActually, you could argue for either case.  Humans have tried to solve the issue of how to cure bad breath / halitosis for centuries, and they’ve tried figure out how to avoid cavities as well.  Medieval suffers of halitosis used a mixture of vinegar and mint, said to kill germs that cause it.

Marketing has only been around for a little over one hundred years, so it’s clear we all thought about how to cure halitosis before the likes of David Ogilvy and Proctor and Gamble entered the scene.  Even before the Medieval era, the ancient Greeks were swishing with vinegar mixed with salt and alum in hopes of freshening their breath.  Again, we have vinegar working to kill germs.  They also believed back then that it was a natural cure for gingivitis.

That brings us to the crux of the matter: what does it really take to make the smelly breath go away?  To answer that question, we’ll have to look at the root causes, or how to prevent it.  And if you’re looking for natural remedies for bad breath, this is also a good place to start: at the
root cause.

You see, it’s not enough to look for the best gum for bad breath, to mask the odor.  Of course it will help, but finding and eliminating the cause is better in the long run.

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Why do I have bad breath?

You’re not the first person to ask this!  But first, if we’re going to get all clinical about it, we’d better start calling it by its proper medical name: halitosis.  According to doctors, this can be either a sign that you aren’t taking proper care of your teeth and gums, or it’s merely an unpleasant symptom of something more serious and systemic.

Lifestyle Habits

bad breath tobaccoThere are lifestyle habits that can make your breath small bad.  Smokers know this all too well, as do those who use chewing tobacco.  Certain food causes halitosis as well, of course- ever eat raw garlic?

There’s another way the food you eat degrades the quality of your breath and that’s internal.  Strong-smelling food is absorbed into the bloodstream, which means it’s carried into your lungs too.  Then it makes its way out via your breath (which, at this point, has become “bad”!).

Curing smelly breath in these instances means changing your diet or your habits and/or covering up your breath as well as keeping your mouth free of bacteria.  Its the easiest home remedies for bad breath

Systemic Health Problems

The systemic issues that cause bad breath can range from dehydration to pneumonia or diabetes to liver and kidney problems.  Also, many medications will cause it, too.  The solution there is either to stop taking the medication or find a temporary cover-up for foul odors emanating from your windpipe.

There’s not much we can do about smelly breath caused systemic health problems except treat the main issue and hope the breath improves over time.  If you want to get rid of bad breath permanently, you’ll have to find a doctor who can cure your health problems.

In the meantime, something that freshens the breath at least temporarily, and which also kills bacteria (since everyone has bacteria in their mouths) will go a long way towards personal air quality!

Poor Dental Hygiene

Finally, it’s obvious that failing to brush, floss, and otherwise keep your mouth clean will result in halitosis.  The reason?  It allows food to settle in, where bacteria can grow.  Bacteria smells bad.

Bad Breath ProductNow we’ve come full circle: bacteria is one of the causes of smelly breath, and it grows when your mouth isn’t cleaned properly.

Therefore, products which work to kill bacteria will do the most for people who suffer from halitosis.  The bad breath pills and home remedies that work are the ones which are killing bacteria.   Let’s go back to those proverbial  drugstore shelves we mentioned in the first paragraph and find some products that measure up.

Some products that work on bad breath by killing bacteria.

Alcohol-based products.

Many people don’t know this, but a leading ingredient in some of the major brands of mouthwash today is alcohol.  Using alcohol dates back to the Renaissance, when people simply swished with beer or wine!  Listerine used to be more than 25% alcohol.

While consuming or even swishing with alcohol isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there’s no doubt that it does serve to mask the odor of smelly breath, albeit temporarily.  To sweeten the taste, however, some manufacturers actually add sugar (for an ironic twist on dental care).  That’s really starting to
look like two strikes against these products.  While they may help with plaque, the effect on it hasn’t actually been proven, even after all these years.

Non-alcohol-based products

That’s why many people seek natural alternatives to the drugstore brand mouthwash products.  They don’t want the sugar, the alcohol, the preservatives, the synthetic flavors, colors, dyes, or any other ingredients that don’t come directly from the earth.

Dental-Pro-7-BottleThis reflects a general trend in health care: natural, herb-based solutions to everyday problems.  More people are wondering how to get rid of bad breath naturally, without the chemicals.  One such product that contains all natural ingredients to kill germs that cause it is Dental Pro 7.   It’s 100% natural and contains no fillers, no parabens, and no bulking agents,It also works.

One of the main ingredients is Helichrysum italicum. According to data, Helichrysum italicum acts as a natural and effective fungicidal and astringent.  However, it’s just one of the super ingredients that form the total bad breath solution in Dental Pro 7.

Another ingredient in Dental Pro 7 is Leptospermum scoparium, also known as Manuka.  Native to New Zealand, this plant is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.  In gardens, it acts as an antiparasitic…in your mouth it does to germs what it does for parasites in your garden: gets rid
of them.

Finally, although there are several other all-natural ingredients like peppermint and thyme, Dental Pro 7 also contains pomegranate seed- long an widely known to improve things for people with gum problems.

Dental Pro 7 can be purchased online only through this link.  It’s safe to use, of course, since it contains nothing but all natural ingredients, and it’s effective. There’s also no other product for smelly breath that’s water insoluble…and that means it won’t wash away like other mouthwash products.  As added benefits it also contains anti-oxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Now you can see why after a thorough investigation on how to get rid of bad breath, we found Dental Pro 7 to be the best mouthwash for bad breath. It’s really a liquid concentrate and works like a cross between a mouthwash and a toothpaste.  You could call it the best toothpaste too. It beats common home remedies because of the 11 unique natural ingredients which are specially blended and also it can solve your gum and tooth problems too.



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