What Works Best for Bad Breath?

Searching for the best mouthwash for bad breath

best mouthwash for bad breathShop the shelves at your corner drug store and it’s likely you’ll find row after row of products designed to help people with bad breath.  They all make claims about what they’ll do for you, some believable and some not so plausible (“reduces plaque above the gum line!” or ” best toothpaste for bad breath “, or “prevents gum disease!”).

Some even say they do things like whiten your teeth.  Finally there are mouthwash products
that come in some questionable flavors…like bacon!

Do mouthwashes really work?

Crazy mouthwash claims and strange flavors aside, do mouthwashes really work?  Or are we all simply falling for a big joke played by savvy marketing departments out to cash in on our health and cleanliness obsessions? (more…)